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Use Multiplier to enhance employee experience by providing the industry’s best benefits of global standards

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Trusted by industry leaders to support their global payroll and compliance

Give your international teams best-in-class insurance


Offer employee-friendly, localized and cost-effective insurance of global standards.


Compare, choose and customize insurance to ensure your international workforce receives homogenous benefits across the globe.


Offer benefits that are completely compliant with local corporate and tax laws.

Cut the need for country-specific vendors

Eliminate the need to collaborate with third-party country-specific vendors and the paperwork that comes with it! Multiplier platform lets you select and manage benefits for your global teams.

A people-driven approach to global benefits

Every country has a unique set of benefits requirements. Let us do the hardwork for you. Multiplier’s robust and comprehensive benefits packages can help you win employee confidence and make them feel protected and valued.

Get the best advantages from the most trusted platform

Attract the best talent from around the world
Nurture high-performing employees
Create a culture of well-being
Boost productivity by incentivising quality work
Go beyond just country-specific benefits
Comply with local laws

The preferred choice of leading global organizations

All things benefits- Multiplier is your one go-to partner

From claims to payments- all administrative processes handled by one single partner

Localised benefits packages and expert support in markets that you manage talent

All-in-one platform to administer benefits and seamlessly manage documentation

A 360-degree global benefits administration platform for your employees in 150+ countries

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A cutting-edge solution that allows you to onboard, pay and provide benefits across borders compliantly and stay connected with your global teams.

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