Global Payroll Services

Choosing our SaaS based PEO/EOR Solution enables you to build and manage 100% pure remote teams and expand into new markets 90% faster.


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What is Global payroll services platform?

A global payroll service platform is a solution for organizations to manage the payroll processes with teams consisting of workers from various parts of the world. 

Fuelled by the increased awareness of remote hiring post covid, the demand for International payroll services is skyrocketing. The global payroll solutions market is set to hit $38 billion by 2027.

While looking for an international payroll solution there are a few things to keep in mind. 

The International payroll solutions platform you choose after careful deliberation should: 

  1. Seamlessly automate payroll 
  2. Comply 100% with country-specific laws and regulation
  3. Feature robust and intuitive tools to pay both, contractors and full-time employees
  4. Generate invoices fast and easy
  5. Offer unbreachable security

Features Offered by Multiplier Global Payroll Platform

Despite being the only Global payroll providers in APAC to offer a SaaS-based EOR solution, Multiplier offers uncompromisingly useful features constantly updated to the needs of global hiring managers.

Below is the list of benefits Multiplier puts in its offering :

  • Paying in multiple currencies
  • Social contribution for global employees based on country-specific laws
  • County-specific employee taxation
  • Manage payment for contractors and Employees on the same platform
  • Compliance and security (check the reference)
  • Provide payslip for global employee
  • Global payment in one click
  • Payroll reporting

With a multitude of benefits imparted through our global payroll solution, Multiplier becomes your watchdog for compliance. 

Check out the features below and expedite global hiring, payments, and expansion:

  1. Paying in multiple currencies

Pay employees across 100+ countries using our global payroll solution. Our local entities and legal partners across a hundred countries allow you to pay your remote teams in their native currencies. 

Long gone are those days when you bite your nails to the bone until you confirm the successful and full transfer of funds. Multiplier’s international payroll software assures 100% accurate and compliant payroll for your global workforce

  1. Country-specific employee taxation

As a part of our PEO services, Multiplier stays aware of local tax laws in several countries. 

Our legal experts in each of our local entities assign taxes for international employees on our payroll. 

Multiplier generates monthly invoices that contain taxes and payments required by local governments and revenue agencies in each country.

  1. Manage payment for contractors and employees on the same platform

The delineation between contractors and full-time employees may be jarred in a company. However, in Multiplier’s payroll, they are all the same. 

The only difference is the way Multiplier deals with each of their taxes. 

When paying contract employees, Multiplier’s EOR solution does not withhold taxes. However, Multiplier withholds taxes for full-time employees according to country-specific laws. 

  1. Compliance and security

While choosing your international payroll service provider, it would be foolish to choose software without considering security and compliance issues. Compliance and security are two factors that need careful analysis. 

Multi-country payroll software will garrison details of all your employees, their location, security numbers, bank details, etc. To guard these details menacingly, you need the metaphorical bouncers in your payroll solution. 

Multiplier’s end-to-end suite of security enhancements and compliance framework assures that you hire in accordance with statutory guidelines and tax requirements. 

  1. Provide payslip for global employees

Payslips comprise of various breakdowns such as taxes, social security taxes, VAT, and other local taxes.  Multiplier’s automated payroll solution discharges payslips in local currencies promptly without delays to remote teams around the world.

Each payslip is generated in compliance  with local currencies and tax laws.  

  1. Global payment in one click

Adding to the convenience of managing employees using a single dashboard is Multiplier’s single click payment. Once you recruit your dream time, here is an international payroll software you can disburse their salaries to any part of the world hassle-free. 

  1. Payroll reporting

Post successful pay disbursements, you would need a single place to view all the payments you may have successfully disbursed.

Multiplier’s payroll reporting system is fully transparent. The payroll solution displays the names of your employees corresponding to their salaries. Such reporting makes the entire process less cumbersome and easy to manage.

Why Multiplier is the Best International Payroll Service Provider?

Multiplier is one of the fiercest forces of competition against several global payroll providers.  Although each provider has unique selling points for their claim to fame, Multiplier has three super-specific points to beat our trumpets.

  1. Transparent and low pricing

Multiplier offers a no-nonsense solution with no nasty surprises. What you see on our website is what you pay. Our flat and low pricing makes us one of the best international payroll service providers.

  1. Compliance with local laws

Multiplier’s 15+ local entities and legal partners provide you access to talent to 100+ labor markets. 

Local laws and regulations are ever-changing. When you expand to foreign markets, you need to burn the midnight oil to stay away from running into legal and compliance risks. 

Multiplier’s EOR solution facilitates compliant-friendly expansion. Our global payroll solution also endows benefits and pay in a compliant-friendly manner.

  1. Data security & trust

Multiplier’s Global payroll solution is highly secure. Thanks to the crude power of cloud computing, payroll processing, and employee data happen in a super-secure manner.

Our cutting-edge technology and flat pricing create ironclad trust with our users.

Other Services offered by Multiplier

Apart from the slew of benefits mentioned above, Multiplier offers other services making it the best international payroll service provider.

Contract Management 

Multiplier’s solution generates compliant contracts that can cater to the hiring requirements of any global hiring manager. Multiplier generates compliant agreements for contractors and full-time employees alike. 

Global Employee Benefits Management

Another moment of anguish is when tailoring benefits for global employees. Every locality requires unique benefits. While building global teams, the negotiations that happen while endowing the right benefits vary as well. 

Multiplier stands tall as one of the best international payroll software in the market which endows equally lucrative and emphatic benefits for contractors and full-time employees alike.

Hiring and onboarding using Multiplier ensures you hire remote talent with locally compliant, fool-proof job contracts, offer emphatic benefits and disburse salaries accurately with absolutely nil errors in payrolls.

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